EthOss is a step forward in dental Guided Bone Regeneration and Bone Grafting technology (Implantology). EthOss is helping the body to heal itself by using fully biocompatible materials. It is a synthetic material that quickly turns into bone to help speed along dental procedures.
A big part of the dental Implantology is also post-implant care. blue®m products are specifically designed for dental implant care and are recommended by EthOss for their high concentration levels of oxygen which has been proven to accelerate post surgery healing.
The EthOss and blue®m products are the result of many years of experience and have been used by implantologists and oral surgeons worldwide, including Australia.

Bonus offer: Receive a blue®m Oral Gel 15ml (worth $33) FREE of charge when purchasing EthOss - true bone regeneration.

 *Offer ends 31/12/2018


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