Used by dentists and customers worldwide. Clinically tested and proven.

Blue®m takes an approach to oral care that goes beyond just brushing your teeth. They strongly believe that oral health is essential to our total wellbeing and have developed a range of proven dental products to support this goal. The secret of their effectiveness is the slow release of active oxygen. Our team here at Medi-Dent, we are proud to bring blue®m's innovative products to Australia.

“The blue®m product range is an excellent choice for promoting complete oral health,” says Medi-Dent General Manager Michael Pease. “The blue®m team is collaborative and professional and are looking forward to seeing more Australian customers gain the benefit of their incredible products."

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What is so great about blue®m oral health care product range?
  • Blue®m helps maintain a healthy mouth and body
  • Unique formula based on active oxygen derived from biological honey
  • Ideal for daily oral hygiene and as a preparation for implant surgery and other dental treatments
  • Helps people with dental or oral problems such as periodontitis


blue®m patient sample bag

Keen to discover the benefits of blue®m products with only a minimal investment? Take a look at the blue®m Patient Sample Bag containing one 50ml mouthwash, one 15ml toothpaste and a product information brochure. These sample bags are ideal for providing to patients to trial and experience all benefits of blue®m products, or for professionals to discover the difference blue®m can make.


BLMMTI99K  Patient Sample Bag  $12.10


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Blue®m oral care products

The complete oral health solution


Toothpaste Fluoride Free

Blue®m Fluoride Free toothpaste normalises and controls harmful bacteria around teeth, gums and implants, ideally suitable for care of implants.

BLMTPI15  15ml $5.94

BLMTPI75  75ml  $18.70


Toothpaste Fluoride

Blue®m Fluoride toothpaste contains calcium fluoride, a natural alternative for the commonly used chemical sodium fluoride. This toothpaste normalises and controls harmful bacteria around the teeth and gums.

BLMTPP75  75ml $18.70


Oxygen Fluid

Blue®m Oxygen Fluid accelerates the healing of bleeding gums and speeds up healing from extraction, implantation, chemotherapy or false teeth. 

BLMOFI500  500ml  $36.30



Blue®m Mouthwash gets to places where a toot-brush cannot, reducing harmful bacteria and keeping mouths healthy. Free of alcohol and fluoride. 

BLMMWI50  50ml  $5.94

BLMMWI500  500ml  $22.00


Teeth and Bone Formula

Blue®m Teeth and Bone Formula is a special vitamin and mineral supplement vital to supporting bone metabolism and maintaining healthy teeth. 

BLMSUPTB90  (30 day supply)  $84.70


Oral Foam

Blue®m Oral Foam is developed specially to condition gums and oral mucosa, as well as dentures, and other orthodontic appliances such as night-guards and dentures.

BLMFOAM100  100ml  $22.00


Toothbrush Ultra Soft

Blue®m Toothbrush Ultra Soft is the best way to take care of hard (teeth) and soft (gums) oral tissues. 

BLMTBUS3  Toothbrush ultra Soft  $15.40


Mouth Spray

Blue®m Mouth Spray contributes to the prevention of bad breath. It normalises and controls harmful bacteria in the mouth and instantly provides fresh breath. Free of parabens, colourants and foaming agents. 

BLMMSI15  15ml  $8.80


Oral Gel

Blue®m Oral Gel increases the oxygen pressure in the mouth and accelerates the healing of bleeding gums and reduces pockets around teeth and implants.

BLMOGI15  15ml  $33.00